Commercial Loan Analysis


This is an area in which we have a lot of experience and expertise.



Most business people in Britain

Are very well aware of the behaviour of the banks and other lenders, with notable disgraces like loan swaps and such, so they will not be shocked by the “anomalies” we discover when we analyse commercial loans and mortgages and a lot of the reclaims are of a significant quantum. Although we have to charge a small fee to enable the full process to be completed, this will always be minuscule compared to the quantum we would seek to recover.



Why do you the client, need us?

Unbeknown to most people, commercial loans and mortgages, like ordinary mortgages etc. have anomalies in them and we use our state of the art system to de-construct your loan and then re-construct it the way it should be, this is where we find the anomalies (which means a refund for you the client) and on finding them we will pursue the lenders on your behalf and recover the money for you. 



What we do

Finding anomalies in commercial loans and mortgages is more often the norm, as opposed to the exception and in a lot of cases we have the ability to be able to acquire all of the data we need to fulfil our function, without there being an additional cost to you the client, however on the rare occasion that we cannot make this happen, then the lender is allowed to charge a fee to provide us with the required information, if you do not have it available. The fee is normally a very small amount compared to the ultimate claim and is therefore still worth pursuing. However, if it is the case that the lender will levy a fee, then it is up to you the client to decide if you wish to pursue your claim.



We will defend you

We cannot stress enough that it is illegal for a lender to disadvantage a client, simply because they have made a claim, however the perception is that a lender will treat a customer unfairly if they make a claim and this is the veiled threat that most lenders let a client believe. As a customer of the lender you have the right to be treated fairly and without prejudice or disadvantage, so we would strongly advocate making a claim and if you are then treated unfairly by the lender, we will litigate for you, on a “No win, No Fee” basis providing your case has merit.


Giving the Power back to you the client

A lot of people feel that banks and lenders have had it all their own way for far too long and that as a single person there is little you can do to redress the situation, now you can. Now you can join the growing number of people who are saying enough is enough. People who with our support, are challenging the banks and the lenders and winning. People who have seen the downside of letting the banks and the lenders call all the shots and dictate all of the terms. We believe in Financial Fairness for Everyone and we would like to welcome you to our ranks, safe in the knowledge that we are on your side and together we will become the voice that the banks and lenders have to listen to.


A Brave New Financial World

Welcome to a Brave New Financial World, where everything isn’t controlled by the banks and the lenders, where normal people get their say, where everyone has a right to be treated fairly and where banks and lenders are not allowed to take unfair advantage. Acting in the best interests of our clients, we will always be “the Hunter, not the Hunted” and we will always “take the fight to them”.


Should you require us to undertake an analysis of your commercial loans or mortgages please use the contact us and one of our key personnel will respond and advise you how best to proceed. We will provide you with our best service at all times and we look forward to being of service to you soon.

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