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Welcome to UKOAM where we help clients recover money from lenders. 


We check to see if the client has been overcharged or if some mis-calculation has been used and although  this is not PPI we would also seek to recover any unclaimed PPI that maybe present. 




In essences what we look for are “Post-Contractual Breaches of Contract” and as most people would not even know if this has happened to them, it is our function to direct the clients to the people who can scrutinise this and that is UKOAM Analytics, who work hard on the clients behalf. 




The team at UKOAM Analytics will de-construct the client’s mortgage, loan or credit cards and then re-construct it correctly, which will highlight any anomalies and in layperson speak, anomalies equal reclaim. They will then seek to recover this money from the lender on behalf of the client.




Because the lenders continue to use out-dated and inappropriate systems and technics, the occurrence of reclaims are high and this is why UKOAM Analytics can undertake to process cases on a “No Win, No Fee” basis.




We do not suggest that there has been any impropriety by the lenders, simply that they may have used out-dated systems or technics, which in an every changing world, may not be appropriate for the product or service and in line with this the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), who estimate that more than 750,000 people have been overcharged on their mortgages (this number is likely to increase) we seek to bring the opportunity to the people, so as they can have their cases assessed to see what reclaim they may have.

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